Domino Quick Action Throttle XM2

The quick action throttle is an essential piece of kit for all race and track day requirements and Domino is probably the most popular quick action throttles in racing today.

Domino are Europe's leading manufacturer of throttle controls, their expertise comes from more than 50 years of experience and strict quality control systems. Widely associated with WSBK and MotoGP, their name is your guarantee of solidity and reliability.

The XM2 Kit is supplied with three throttle speed rings and either 'universal' or where necessary 'model specific' push / pull cables. The unit also comes with black grips with red Dominio logo inlay.

The three speed rings have different affects on the throttle, they are as follows;

White ring speed - 2.6°/mm max stroke 36mm

Red ring speed - 2.7°/mm max stroke 25mm

Green ring speed - 2.9°/mm max stroke 33mm

Domino Quick Action Throttle XM2

  • The universal cable kit will fit most bikes, but please tell us your bike details so we can identify if a special cable kit is required. Special cable kits may also have an extra price.