Knox MetsSys Back Protector

Product Overview

Features Hybrid Technology, the combination of hard plates that spread the force of the impact and EPP on the inside to absorb energy and withstand repeat impacts.

CE certified EN1621 – 2 – 2014 Level 2 in all conditions


Key Features

  • CE certified to Motorcycle Back Protector Standard EN1621 – 2 – 2014 Level 2
  • The Meta Sys uses intelligent Hybrid technology taking the best of hard and soft protection.Exterior polypropylene plates spread the impact and stop penetration.
  • A shock absorbing core of EPP on the inside for multi impacts.
  • Scapula pads on the shoulder area.
  • The back protector is made in 4 separate sections that move independently which allows the rider unrestricted movement and flexibility.
  • A unique extension system on the back protector lengthens as the rider bends forward and shortens when the rider straightens. This ensures excellent coverage and comfort at all times.
  • Tested and approved to Level 2 and passes tests at high and low temperatures -20C and + 40C making it a suitable back protector for all sports, motorcycle, bike, ski or snowboard.
  • Air induction system for ventilation.
  • Multi adjustment system on the waist to give an individual fit.
  • Extra side adjustment straps give a more secure fit against the spine.
  • Quick release soft shoulder straps can cross over for increased comfort. They also give a fitting system for an optional Knox CE Approved Chest protector.
  • Removable breathable liner made from British made spacer fabric for extra air flow.
  • Machine washable for continued freshness

Knox MetsSys Back Protector

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